Idea To Technology

The Process of Transforming the Idea into Technology

Nativity of the Idea

The idea doesn't mean anything by itself. 70.000 people think, just one can turn it into practice. Sometimes one differentiates, but 11 other people does and make it better with the right innovation. The main thing is to be able to realize it at the right time, in the right conditions, with the right aims, and with the right team.

Situation in Turkey and the World

Have someone thought your idea before you? Did he even do it? How sure are you? Competitors and potential markets in the world and Turkey are investigated, SWOT and market analysis are prepared.

Investment Analysis

How will you turn the idea into practice? How do you need a team, process and budget? What will you expect to earn from? How? What will be your expenses? When do you take aim at break-even point? AB PLUS prepares investment cash flow projections that you can see all of them and shares them with you.

What About Your Brand?

The right brand and the right corporate identity are significant for the target audience to perceive the right work. The brand and corporate identity that fit you best will be designed with the experience of the AB PLUS team, which has so far provided many brands to the market.

Marketing Planning

AB Plus which has implemented many projects in the past, uses all of its knowledge and experience to ensure that the product is perceived correctly in the marketplace and to develop right market entry strategies.

Managing Software Development Processes

Software teams of AB PLUS are specialized in location-based applications and artificial intelligence algorithms. They involve in software development processes (WEB/iOS/Android Development) and coordinate engineering and project management process. All business process algorithms are worked by our business analysts in advance and managed by professional project management tools.

Going Live and Managing Operation

The realization of a new App requires real-time effective management of many parameters from content management to the management of bugs. Also, effective operation and CRM experience are required. AB Plus also can build operation teams to run and manage all the operations professionally.</p> <p>AB Plus also can build operation teams to run and manage all the operations professionally.

Entrepreneur Coaching Services

In the realization of the project, consultancy services are provided upon request. The services include selection of the right person, conducting business organizations, guidance of financial and legal issues, management of the company processes, Startup Project evaluation, preparation and management of investor presentations etc.