About Us

AB Plus is an internet technologies incubator company that realizes the innovations and mobile applications, which enrich life, “from idea to product”.


We think, develop and put into practice technologies that will make difference in the world and in Turkey.


Even if you have no entrepreneurship experience and if you have an idea that fills your dreams, you are in the right place. You are safe with AB PLUS, which has its know-how from its own stories.


Verification, examination, and feasibility of your idea are completed, realistic commercial projections are shared in AB Plus. Your idea is turned into practice with AB PLUS experience and the guidance of engineering algorithms simultaneously after establishing the right project team.


Entrepreneur candidate touches all processes with AB Plus, including the development of corporate identity, investment feasibility analysis, business plans, software process management, and legislation preparations.


While the idea is maturing and turning into a product in AB Plus, entrepreneur candidate does MBA as in an entrepreneurship school, on the other hand :).